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Customizable event and booths. Voting. Virtual goodiebags. Live streaming. All as easy as 1,2,3. It’s time to knock your next event out of the park!

Time to sprint to the finish line

Adios to countless apps and integrations. Plan & create winning events in minutes.

It’s a match! Live streams, chat & video calls, 1:1 meetings, and networking – ifairs helps you go the whole nine yards.

The Lobby gives you an overview of the event. See relevant companies or products, people and happenings or talk with experts in round table discussions. Lobby shows you the most relevant matches for each attendee. Call and chat with your match, book a meeting, visit a booth, or join live streams at the press of a button. Our Lobby is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in an entertaining way.
Get a deeper understanding of companies’ brands and offerings with the booth. Join direct live streams and attend unique events organized in the booth. Catch a goodie bag and interact with people and company representatives
On stage is where the hottest panel discussions, roundtables and keynotes delivered by the brightest minds take place. Meet new people, attend mentoring sessions and engage in a fully interactive experience.
Our AI-based matching algorithm helps visitors to find the most relevant and interesting people in a second. It instantly connects you with relevant exhibitors, visitors, speakers and booths. Just tap a name to chat, start a video call, or book a meeting.

Virtual or hybrid.

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Easy to Use ✅

The ifairs toolset works much like your favorite social media. Its intuitive user interface makes the interaction between attendees straightforward and fun.

Simple to Manage ✅

Endless possibilities to design your own brand expression, manage content with one click and create that individual touch that differentiates you from others. Plan your event schedule for live streams and other fun happenings and make tweaks in real-time.

Hook Your Audience’s Attention ✅

Reach a broader audience and keep your visitors engaged with virtual goodie bags, live streams, funny voting, reactions and more. Our attention boosters help you hit heavy with your audience whilst granting exposure and new connections with visitors.

Tailored Experience ✅

Bring the right people to the right place at the right time to run sessions that are fun, memorable, and useful. Create a custom room with your own media and make your guests fall in love with you.

iFairs - Insights - Virtual event and conference platform

Create a Winning Strategy With Data

One place, it is easy to measure the engagement, track sales and see who has visited your booth. Understand what works best and make instant adjustments. We help you create a winning strategy!

iFairs - Insights - Virtual event and conference platform

We Are Rooting For You

No throwing in at the deep end; our experts are obsessed with your success. Our training team give their full support before, during and after your event. We help you to succeed!

iFairs - Insights - Virtual event and conference platform

We Help You to Win the Game

Get in touch with attendees and companies that match your preferences, break the ice with quick greetings and connect through casual chats, calls or scheduled meetings. We make networking as easy as 1,2, 3!

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      You can host virtual only events and conferences, or use the online part as a hybrid solution. The ifairs platform can be used for trade shows and summits, sales conferences, virtual job fairs, recruitment and training events and for all kinds of virtual conferences.

      The ifairs platform is an all in one solution to host an online event, expo or virtual conference for small and big gatherings. We can create both private and public events with multiple solutions for any kind of ticket sales. Hosting an event online means reduced cost, easier scheduling for high quality speakers, more creative solutions for sponsorship opportunities and better data insight. The iFairs platform is modern, easy to use and has the flexibility that you need in order to create a unique event with global audience.

      Get in touch with us to schedule a first meeting where we get to know each other, your needs and objectives. We’ll give you training in our tool and share our recommendations to help you succeed.With our platform you can create a custom design booth and make changes effortlessly along the way. We’re by your side before, during and after your event, always ready to answer questions and help monitoring the progress. You will get real-time statistics which you can act upon, and we’ll analyze your fair results together afterwards.