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Our story

ifairs was founded in 2020, by a group of digital marketers and engineers who recognized a growing demand for online event platforms. Instead of replicating the look and feel of a physical conference, we decided to focus on what really matters – the user experience. We believe that with our modern technology and innovative approach today’s virtual events, fairs and conferences can be done 10 times better.

We believe that the visitor wants to be entertained, surprised, engaged and able to connect quickly with the companies. Our platform caters to the needs of both exhibitors and visitors, in a fun and innovative way.

Marena Christensen
ifairs CEO

Our mission

At ifairs, our mission is to rethink the ecosystem of virtual trade fairs, events and conferences by creating the best online events experience in the world.

If you like what you see and want to learn more about us, or just catch up over a virtual coffee get in touch!

The values we stand for


We believe that humans want to be entertained and that life becomes better by adding a little bit of fun and surprise factors.


We believe in fairness and transparency and that the best relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.


We believe that real collaboration gives real results, and we are working with you in every step of the journey to achieve that.


We believe that when people are doing what they love surrounded by like minded people, real magic can happen.

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What kind of events can I organize through ifairs?

You can host virtual only events and conferences, or use the online part as a hybrid solution. The ifairs platform can be used for trade shows and summits, sales conferences, virtual job fairs, recruitment and training events and for all kinds of virtual conferences.

Why should I choose ifairs?

The ifairs platform is an all in one solution to host an event, expo or conference for small and big gatherings. We can create both private and public events with multiple solutions for any kind of ticket sales. Hosting an event online means reduced cost, easier scheduling for high quality speakers, more creative solutions for sponsorship opportunities and better data insight. The ifairs platform is modern, easy to use and has the flexibility that you need in order to create a unique event with global audience.

How does it work?

Get in touch with us to schedule a first meeting where we get to know each other, your needs and objectives. We’ll give you training in our tool and share our recommendations to help you succeed.With our platform you can create a custom design booth and make changes effortlessly along the way. We’re by your side before, during and after your event, always ready to answer questions and help monitoring the progress. You will get real-time statistics which you can act upon, and we’ll analyze your fair results together afterwards.