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ifairs becomes a virtual event platform partner with NGDC!


The Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) VI has kicked off! This time it is with ifairs' virtual event platform at the ready to help make this one of this year’s greatest virtual events. 

A virtual event platform that always delivers!

The NGDC has been an annual event since 2016. 2022 is the first year with ifairs leading the efforts of getting this event out to the masses. Let’s talk more about the event itself, and what ifairs does to enhance it. 

What is Nordic Game Discovery Contest?

Nordic Game Discovery Contest, in short NGDC, is an annual, exciting and competitive game challenge. Here, a select group of games gets a chance to be showcased to a large and live audience at partner events all across Europe. 

However, for NGDC VI, they are shaking things up a little. Instead of simply showcasing games, now the contestants will compete against each other in a round-based battle. Here, they earn points for how well they do in different categories.

The finalists from the various partner events will get the unique opportunity to showcase their games at the annual Nordic Game convention.

The NGDC VI tour plan for 2022 is as follows: Africa Games Week (February/South Africa) – WAM Hackathon (March/Slovenia) – NG22 Spring (May/Sweden) – BIG Festival (July/Brazil) – EVA (September/Argentina) – DevPlay (October/Romania) – Guerrilla Games Festival (October/Spain) – Gamesweekberlin (TBA/Germany).

There are many other partner events waiting to be announced. So keep an eye out for that on the Nordic Games website!

ifairs steps up to the plate with their virtual event platform

The event organizers of NGDC have decided to partner up with ifairs to utilize the many tools and features of their virtual event platform. 

ifairs is very proud to be able to be chosen as an event platform provider for this unique online event. It will be one ifairs’ biggest forays into the games industry to date. The hope is that this partnership will create rings in the water for them in the games industry. This way they can continue to bring memorable experiences to event attendees all over the globe. 

ifairs has previously also been involved with Sweden Game Arena. This is an event dedicated to connecting Swedish startup game companies with the big investors such as Nintendo. The use of ifairs’ virtual event platform greatly enhanced the digital experience of this event. With this same energy ifairs seeks to bring to the NGDC VI 2022.

What the virtual event platform has to offer

ifairs virtual event platform is one of the leading event platforms of today. Their arsenal of tools and features are not only large, but they are also incredibly intuitive and easy to use. 

Audio and video streaming in high quality, a live chat, breakout sessions, customizable event areas, the ability to go live in seconds, and the ability for users to register remotely seamlessly. 

A virtual event platform with intuitive tools and functions.

ifairs is fully dedicated to enhance the attendee experience as much as possible for everyone involved whether it’s a hybrid event or virtual event. NGDC VI is no exception here.

Right now, ifairs is involved in some first strategic work together with the NGDC organization. This will tie the virtual event platform closer together to the event itself. The result of this will officially launch between the end of July and the beginning of August. 

Ready to see the magic happen?

As ifairs and the NGDC organization work hard together to optimize the virtual event platform to the needs of the event, we are bound to see some real magic happen in the soon to be future. 

As for the NGDC event itself, there is still a good while til the finals at the Nord Game convention in November 2022. Make sure to catch some of the NGDC partner events before then!


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