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Here are 10 events that would be amazing virtual events


It is easy to become annoyed with the fact, that so many things have to happen online. Our problem is that we forget to appreciate all the good that can come out of it. There are plenty of activities and events that can effortlessly be held virtual instead of live. Let’s try to see possibilities instead of limitations.

Getting used to a new normal

Even though a lot of people use both their phone and their laptop almost every day for work or school, it is okay that we miss doing things live. Unfortunately, the current state of the world is not allowing us to do everything that we used to enjoy, at least not in the same way as normally. However, many of these events can still be done virtually. We just have to give it a shot.

Throughout this article, you will be able to read about 10 amazing events that can easily be held virtual. It may not be what we thought it was going to be. But it can still surprise us, and be much better than first anticipated. Everyone is getting used to a new normal and that takes time. However, the process will be a lot faster if we try it out instead of resenting it right from the get-go.

Concert and standup comedy

It can be difficult to consider what can possibly be a fun event online. Everything is just more fun in real life, right? Well, not necessarily. Some people are not too keen on big events with a lot of people. So, by doing it virtual, it can be a relief. You are able to sit at home in surroundings that you are used to, instead of mingling with people you do not know. The first big event that can be great virtual is a concert. Think about it. At a normal live concert, it is crowed, people are screaming. It can be difficult to even get a glimpse of the singer. If the concert is online instead, everyone can enjoy it from their own living room. No fearing the crowded room and the loud screams from fans.

The concert would still be live, but it would be more manageable. Everyone would be able to enjoy great concerts, instead of having the venue say, that only a certain amount of people is welcome. Another great event that is similar to a concert would be standup entertainment. It would be funny to watch straight from your screen. Then you won't need to strain to hear whatever funny jokes the comedian was trying to say live. You can watch the comedy show with whomever you would want to, straight from your own house. It could be a fun little get together.

Learn a new skill like cooking or bartending

If you are not too fond of entertainment, but want to learn something instead, then you might appreciate an online event such as cooking. An online cooking class could be a great way of teaching people how to cook, without any outside disturbance.

The same goes for events like how to bartend or how to make the perfect coffee. Fun classes that teach us a new skill would be amazing online as well as live. You are able to cook or bartend in your own house and do it in a safe environment. If the feeling of insecurity or anxiety kicks in, then online virtual events are also a great way of dealing with these. Not everyone enjoys being out and about with many people around them. Online events remove the stress and pressure of those feelings.

Makeup and gaming tutorials

Events such as makeup-tutorials or gaming-tutorials are great online as well. Getting a step-by-step on how to do the perfect makeup look, or a livestream in which you follow your favorite gamer around, are both a great use of online virtual events. These events keep us occupied and entertained at the same time. They are also helpful when it comes to learning something new, since you are able to talk to whoever is online as well as seeing what they are doing.

A lot of people actually learn more when watching what they are about to learn, and this is surely the case if everything is online. Live events are great as well, however, you can end up in the back row without the possibility of seeing what is going on. If the event is online, everyone will be able to see the exact same.

Sales and graphic designs

Online events are also very beneficial, when it comes to marketing and sales, like when explaining a new product. Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple, used to do this quite a lot, which would help show everyone exactly what the idea for the newest iPhone was going to be. It worked like a charm, and everyone understood Steve’s vision. The same goes for graphic designs, which are ideal for online events. It is much easier to target a bigger audience if you have the right equipment to do so. With an online event more people can be involved in whatever you are trying to sell.

Group sessions or fitness

Lastly, online events can be the perfect solution if a person is shy or just not that thrilled with meeting new people. An activity such as fitness can be overwhelming and nerve wracking for many, which is why it may be preferred if the entire event was online. A fitness instructor could easily show the exercises, and then people at home could mimic these, straight from their own living room, without any fear of being judged.

The same goes for seeing a psychologist. It can be so far out of your comfort zone. If this is the case, it may be nice having a meeting online, instead of having to be there in person. The same goes for group-sessions. Not everyone is comfortable around a lot of people, which is why it can be much easier doing it all online. It would surely be a breath of fresh air trying some of these events online instead of live. We might end up liking the virtual versions even better.  

Do you have any ideas of events that would amazing virtually? Feel free to contact us through the contact page, we would be excited to hear from you. 


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