Finally a fun webinar

How Germany Travel used ifairs to run its interactive webinar 

Among the lessons we all learned during Covid, this one stands out: Businesses that were able to change, evolve, and progress through the chaos were also the ones able to move forward in these strange, unprecedented times. Germany Travel wanted answer the question many are wondering: Can webinars be exciting… and even fun?

Germany Travel is helping Danish customers to find the best attractions and experiences in Germany. Company is having a broad network with several hundred Companies in Germany and have need to communicate opportunities in the growing market on regular basis.

After trying the basic online communication tools to deliver the webinars, Germany Travel wanted to inspire their webinar participants in a new way, bringing more engagement and joy to the event. The choice fell to ifairs.
“Our community of users wants to be surprised and engaged. The ifairs gamification features were key for giving us more opportunities for fun learning at our event.” Stated Bo Lauridsen the General Manager at North-east Europe at Germany Travel on his team’s experience using ifairs for their Travel community.
Besides the livestream, Germany Travel used at their webinar live polls to check the knowledge levels of the attendees throughout the webinar, wordcloud to take the temperature at the end and virtual goodiebags to drive the engagement. Attendees were positively surpliced by the new way they were involved in the dialogue.