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How to Organize a Virtual Recruitment event with ifairs


Is your company looking for fresh and new talent to fill its diverse roster? Finding the right man for a job is not always easy. It can be a long process as you sift through potentially hundreds if not thousands of applicants. That's where a virtual recruitment event might be useful.

Instead of you coming to potential employees, how about you give the job seekers the opportunity of coming to you? Recruitment events are excellent for attracting talented and motivated people who are interested in your business. However, talent resides in every corner of Earth. Why limit yourself to a small geographic area? Take your recruitment event online with the ifairs platform and attract top talent from anywhere. Let us go in depth with how.

Use ifairs Live to set up your virtual booths

When hosting a recruitment event, you most likely have plenty of spots in different departments of your business to fill. To make sure that the attendees remain focused you should set up several booths with ifairs live. Here, attendees can visit each one and learn about the different positions individually. They also get the opportunity to talk 1:1 with the recruiter, and ask any questions they may have.

The booths can be designed very specifically to what you need. They can include links to websites and other relevant information. An attendee might find that useful during or after the presentation.

Next to the individual booths you have the main stage. Here you can talk about your company in general, present the products or services you offer, and what the environment is like at the workplace. The main stage is quite easy to customize and edit both before and during a presentation. You can add videos, links and commercials at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, there is a livestream chat that allows attendees and presenters to communicate and do Q&A’s. This helps keep engagement going. 

ifairs’ advanced matching algorithm speeds up matchmaking

To ensure the recruitment event goes smoothly you want to match as many attendees with the right presenters from the start as possible. This makes sure that potential candidates for a position do not grow bored or find themselves disinterested from the event. So, correct matchmaking is key.

How ifairs makes this happen is by allowing you to create your very own survey. Attendees and presenters then fill it out before entering the event. The answers given by both parts are then added to the algorithm. It will automatically proceed to match people by the answers given. This means that any attendee connecting to the virtual event will be able to connect to a relevant booth quickly. It is efficient and it will send the right applicants exactly to where they need to be. 

Consider inviting more companies to the online conference

The great thing about hosting an event with ifairs is that you can band together with other companies. Together you can simulate a proper job fair online. If you invite more companies to join the event and advertise their positions, you also attract more people with different skill sets. 

Even though an attendee might show up because of their attraction to a different company there is still a chance they will join your booths. That gives you a larger pool of qualified candidates willing to take initiative.

Each company can have a scheduled time on the main stage. Here, they have a chance to present themselves. Simultaneously, they can have smaller booths with representatives from their company. They can describe the positions they are offering, answer questions, and even recruit on the fly.

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