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How virtual event platforms will develop in 2021


The global pandemic has created a new normality for all types of virtual communication. Companies need to use virtual platforms as tools to replicate different types of meetings, events, conferences and trade fairs online. And whereas organizing virtual events is nothing new in itself, Covid has accelerated this change and businesses have been forced to quickly adapt into new ways of doing communication. It’s a transition that would have happened eventually, regardless of the pandemic, but the rise of virtual event platforms will enable a completely new way of organizing events online and optimization of that will develop rapidly during 2021.

Hybrid events - where physical meets digital

We’ve learnt that hosting events online is an opportunity to create the same, or even a better, experience as the physical events offer, but at a lower cost and with less effort needed. We do believe that people are looking forward to attending physical events when possible. However, this does not change the fact that the events industry has forever changed.

We believe that hybrid solutions, a combination of physical events and digital platforms, are going to play an important role and become “the new norm” going forward.

All the benefits, from cost efficiency to reach and measurability, is something that companies and organisers cannot ignore. The fact that content can be created and recorded in advance takes away a lot of pressure and preparations, and getting the right speakers is easier when you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual and hybrid event benefits

  • Lower cost​: The astronomical amount that goes into hosting a physical event becomes lower.
  • Better reach​: People from all over the globe can attend - no travelling required.
  • Measurability​: You’ll get more measurable data from a digital event
  • Less time consuming​: Less logistics needs to be taken into account. Content can be created and recorded in advance which saves time and takes away pressure.
  • Easier to get valuable speakers​: Getting interesting speakers to attend is easier when they don't need to be physically at a location.

Mobile focus becomes important

We believe in offering online event platforms that work just as good on the mobile as on the desktop version. We’ve noticed that this is something that many of today’s event platforms are missing and not enough effort has been put on developing a sense of community. We believe that it is important to focus on interaction between both visitors and a simple interaction with the exhibitors. The experience should be similar to the way you are using social media, and that’s why the way we do live streaming, company stories and interactions on our platform is very much inspired by the social media you are using every day. It’s a familiar environment, which makes you feel less lonely and part of something social.

Entertainment & engagement is key

We believe that people want to be entertained and be able to have an authentic experience at a virtual fair. On the iFairs platform, we have put a lot of focus on companies being able to stream live where they can, among other things, give visitors the opportunity to see behind the scenes and offer a very personal experience and treatment. Tailored recommendations, attention boosters and various networking opportunities feeds a more engaged audience, making your event come to life.

All-in-one solutions are here to stay

In 2021, we believe that there will be a growing desire to combine the best from the online world with the physical word, in the form of hybrid events. Many of our competitors focus solely on offering a platform for seminars, all kinds of meetings and conferences, whereas the ifairs platform is optimized for trade fairs as well. We’re not trying to replicate the physical environment - instead, we are focusing on creating a smooth experience with a sleek interface that users feel familiar with.

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