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ifairs Live How it Works and What You Can Use It for


Virtual events are the future and that is a difficult fact to ignore. The pandemic taught us of the benefits of having a virtual dimension to events. To successfully do this you will need proper virtual event platforms that can facilitate the digital infrastructure to give your audience a captivating experience.

With ifairs event planners and hosts have been supplied with some of the most innovative and intuitive tools to realize their ideal event. One of the key tools ifairs offers is ifairs Live which will form the centerpiece of your virtual event’s structure.

A Fully Equipped Digital Main Stage ifairs Live is the perfect tool for hosting a virtual event. It provides you with a main stage from which you can stream live or screen something pre-recorded. You can fully personalize the main stage to make it ideal for all live events you are planning on hosting.

Any type of event will be suitable for the main stage like interviews, demonstrations, panel discussions, sponsorships and much more. ifairs Live also has a livestream chat that allows attendees and exhibitors instant and direct communication with one another which encourages attendees to engage more with the content.

Administrating ifairs Live Efficiently

One of the biggest benefits to ifairs Live is how simple and intuitive it is to use for everybody. It does not require extensive technical expertise to handle correctly or efficiently.

You will be relying on “one-click admin” functions to carry out most tasks such as going live, segway to sponsorship segments, add and remove content on the fly as you please and so on. It is a very dynamic piece of software that will not force you to cancel the entire stream to fix something simple.

You will also have access to agenda and schedule management so you can keep track of when certain speakers are supposed to go live and when there should be breaks or other activities. This will ensure a smooth operation for you as an organizer and an exciting attendee experience.

Technical Requirements for ifairs Live

If you were expecting to invest a fortune in a studio setup to make ifairs live work correctly and efficiently you are dead wrong. All you really need is a place to stream from and a stable internet connection to get going.

If you wanted to you could stream directly from your office or your own kitchen depending on the nature of the presentation that you are giving. This is where virtual events have an edge on physical events. You do not need exquisite lighting or microphones to make sure everyone can see and hear you in a big room. People will be in front of their screens, and they will be able to hear and see you crystal clear without any expensive equipment.

This is just one in many ways that ifairs can help you avoid unnecessary overhead costs and expenses that make physical events such a hassle to manage monetarily. The technical requirements are low both in savviness and necessary equipment.

Record Content with ifairs Live for Marketing Purposes

ifairs Live can record anything that you stream through their platform so that you can use it post event. This is excellent for several reasons. First off, you can use this content for marketing of future events on your event website. If people see the success from a previous event, they will be much more willing to show up.

Furthermore, you can use it for your social media accounts to promote your brand or products and the reactions it garnered from the attendees. If you are creative, you might even want to stream the presentations again for a later crowd where it is not live. The options are plenty.

Explore the Possibilities of Hybrid Events

While the recent pandemic forced most events to become fully virtual, we now see a re-opening of society. People can gather in larger crowds once again. This means that hosting events purely virtually might not be the best idea. But there is going to be a demand for a virtual aspect to events.

The future of events is going to be hybrid events where you can participate both virtually and physically. ifairs Live is more than capable of handling such a type of event effectively. It will of course require some more careful planning and set-up at the physical location, but it comes with many benefits. Hybrid events allow attendees to attend however they wish. If they want to lounge at home in their pajamas, then they can do that and if they want to show up and talk physically then that is also possible. You will be catering to a much larger audience without putting much extra work into it. This means higher attendance numbers, better satisfaction, and more engagement.


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