Internal Events

Do you have Zoom and Teams fatigue and look to create a whole new experience?


Take ifairs for a spin and make your organization’s next event both engaging and fun!

All Events and Sessions With One Platform

Streamline business workflows with one single platform. ifairs has all the tools you need to effectively plan your event from start to finish.

Make Your Employees More Committed

Create a strong relationship and change how your employees see and talk about your company. Help your employees collaborate and stay up-to-date with new trends and best practices within your organization.

Give Visibility to New Products and Departments

Create engaging events and provide a space for your employees to showcase their departments, present news and educate fellow employees

Build an Always-on Community to Foster Communication

At ifairs, you can either do one event at a time or create an always-on community. Tell your community members about the latest opportunities, news, and create pop-up events.