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ifairs is the platform that helps your next product get the attention it deserves. Reach the whole world, engage, and capitalize on interest with instant statistics – all in one system.

Welcome to the new way of launching products.

Unbox Global Reach

With ifairs, your product launch reaches all interested parties. A sustainable way to invite the whole world – without limits.

Unbox Engagement

Maximize engagement with personal communication and exciting features such as virtual goodie bags. One-click contact makes interaction between participants easy and fun.

Unbox Branding

Integrate your brand and stand out from the crowd with smart design tools. You choose the look and style – it’s simple and modular.

Unbox Anticipation

Build anticipation before the launch with tailored emails and discussion forums. Give your audience a taste and let them choose their favorites from your upcoming products.

Unbox Simplicity

Manage content and streams with one click, make adjustments during the event – without the hassle. And it’s just as easy for the participants.

Unbox Sales

Capitalize on interest and pick up leads through immediate and relevant statistics from the event. ifairs makes it easier to increase sales with existing customers and reach new ones.

We go through the platform with you

Our guide to virtual product launches


  • Up to 5,000 participants

  • Unlimited speakers

  • 1:1 chat and calls

  • Customized event modules

  • Your own look and feel

  • Document gallery

  • Engagement boosters

  • Live statistics and data insight

Price from 3.000 eur

We go through the platform with you.

Our guide to virtual product launches.

About ifairs

It started with a conversation between some digital marketers and engineers. We saw that there was a need for virtual product launches since it is not sustainable to invite the whole world to a physical meeting place when a new product is being introduced.

But we didn’t want to just make a virtual imitation of a physical event. We wanted to do something better. The visitor wants to be entertained, surprised, and interested. This vision laid the foundation for ifairs and, countless conversations later, we are proud to present the new way of launching products.

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The best way to understand how ifairs can make your product launch better is through a demo. We show you how the platform works and answer all your questions.

Guide for virtual product launches

Download our guide to virtual product launches.

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