Recruitment Events

Connecting efficiently and effectively with relevant candidates without being physically present can be difficult. Or so it used to be. With ifairs’ virtual recruitment events, you can increase your reach dramatically and make your company’s brand more attractive and interesting to potential candidates.

Spice up Your Event With Our Dedicated Recruitment-Module

    1. Tired of booking meetings beforehand and looking for a more interactive and engaging way to connect? Then ifairs recruitment module is for you! 

Virtual Booths to Increase Visibility

Create customized virtual booths, where candidates can get a virtual tour of the company, products, and companies’ goals.

Talk to the Experts-Sessions

Turn on the “Talk to the experts-module” and connect high-profile individuals with your candidates. Increase transparency and candidate satisfaction by 50%.

Fireside Chats on the Main Stage

    1. Enter ifairs main stage and hold engaging sessions or informal panel discussions. Introduce candidates to the many different aspects of your business and showcase your employee experience in the best light.