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5 Amazing benefits of Hybrid Events you need to know


We all know that the Pandemic restrictions have eased and more and more fun physical happenings are on the horizon. We are also happy to say that hybrid events are here to stay.

Thanks to these past few years, we know how to do certain things more cost-effectively and effortlessly using virtual technology. Oh, and those boring virtual webinars..Companies are finally starting to understand the importance of an engaging, interesting and fun event! Hybrid events totally gives us endless possibilities and benefits and it is something every business should try. Here are 5 important reasons why:

1. Increased Reach

A hybrid event is a good place to reach new wider and more ambitious target groups. Since part of the event is online, more people tend to join in, and you can attend from anywhere.

2. Smaller carbon footprint

Imagine hundreds or even thousands of attendees using air travel or private cars to arrive your event. Talking about all those branded pens, flyer materials, wristbands and pamphlets that are thrown out after the event. Hybrid Event gives you a possibility to concentrate on creating a more private experiences to your live audience and more fun and interesting experiences to your broader virtual audience.

Calculate your travel carbon footprint here

3. More Valuable Insights & Data

In the digital world every single second a sea of data is generated. Therefore digital events will give you valuable data easily that you would not get from a typical live event. Digital data often contains patterns which can be easily converted into information that helps event planners to better understand the attendees and their behaviours which helps your event to become even more impactful.

Virtual conference platforms have many great plug-ins.

4. Greater Audience Engagement

These important interactions and experiences happen before, during and after your event. The key of success in audience engagement is the endless variations of engagement tools your can use on virtual set up. Spice up your event with funny trivia, voting or a virtual goodie bad.

Read more about our engagement tools here

5. Reduces Costs

Hybrid events can significantly decrease travel costs across the board for everyone involved! Your attendees are obviously saving money and hybrid events can also decrease travel costs for your sponsors and crew. Plus the nature really thanks you!


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