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Top 10 greatest virtual events


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic most events and conferences had to be held virtually, sparking a virtual events trend worldwide. Now that we are on our way past the pandemic it seems that this trend will continue due to its convenience and cost-effective nature.

Here are our top 10 list to showcase everything there is to know about virtual gatherings so you can go online and have a great time with any hobby imaginable. Take a look at these virtual events, and be inspired

1 – Virtual yoga classes

Spend an hour online with a professional instructor and stretch your body out within the comfort of your own home.

2 – Cocktail classes

We all think we can make drinks until we learn how to properly do it. If you want to impress your friends at the next party, consider a quick cocktail class!

3 – Comedy master classes

Maybe your jokes need a little sharpening up to hit it home? A comedy master class might be just for you.

4 – Fitness programs

If you have some basic equipment and motivation, you can do fitness right from home. Sign up to an online class and work-out when and how it suits you. It’s an ideal way to kickstart your weight loss with the best fitness exercises straight from your home.

5 – Cooking shows

Needing some inspiration for new dishes to show to future dates or friends? Sign up for a cooking show and pick up some tips and tricks on the way and learn how to make food that positively affects your mood.

6 – Virtual disco & bar

What is better than a disco and a bar you can leave and join whenever you want to? Listen to some great music and hang out with new people in a safe and comfortable environment

7 – Virtual meditation

Need some peace of mind? Try a meditation event and have someone guide you through the deepest parts of yourself.

8 – Virtual tours of the world

Ever wanted to go to Rome or New York? Well, now you can take virtual tours through the cities with guides that share cool bits and pieces of the history of the cities and their culture.

9 – Virtual concerts

It will most likely be a while until concerts properly return so why not see if any great bands are performing live online?

10 – Recruitment programmes

If you are looking for a job, online recruitment conferences might just be for you. Network with peers and possible future employers and see what happens.


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