Cooking with Experts

Topfairs- A brand new virtual event concept for HoReCa specialists in Finland 

Toptaste organized “TopFairs”, the first-ever virtual event for hotel and restaurant professionals. The event was hosted on the ifairs virtual platform. The event’s main performer was Jyrki Sukula, one of the most famous chefs in Finland.

The event was aimed at HoReCa decision-makers, such as entrepreneurs, chefs, restaurant managers, butlers, or other people in the company’s management.

The TopFairs event included interesting panel discussions with chefs from all over the world combined with studio kitchens and exhibitors visualizing their products on their live streams. During the day, there were numerous opportunities to discuss and meet with the professionals. With the help of ifairs matching technology, the networking experience was taken to a whole new level.

Professional chef Dani Hänninen believes that the event was hosted at the right time to help industry professionals finally get together and network.

“In addition to networking, the event gave a lot of insights to new products and companies. The event was aimed at restaurants, employees and decision-makers, who, thanks to ifairs, we could safely invite!”

“We were positively surprised by both the content of the program and the opportunities offered by the ifairs platform. I have not seen such an advanced platform before in our domestic virtual events. The matching algorithm developed for the platform offered event guests from all over Finland a great framework for virtual networking.

The showrooms of the exhibitors with their goodie bags also made it possible to present services and products in a completely new way online. With live chat and video calling, getting in touch was quick and easy and gave our partners valuable one-on-one time with HoReCa decision-makers,” says Titti Myhrberg, Commercial Director of Partner Sales.