Meet the Gaming Industry


Virtual career day for students and gaming companies 

Since the start of the pandemic, Sweden Game Arena has arranged digital events for Swedish startups and its community to reach the international gaming market and new talent. In 2021 Sweden Game Arena wanted to create more engagement and chose to run their event with ifairs.

Sweden Game Arena has around 800 future and professional game developers in its community in Skövde and Gothenburg. It organizes several events throughout the year to strengthen the community and identify their needs.

Sweden Game Arena wanted to improve the digital experience on the first-ever virtual career day that Sweden Game Arena arranged.

During the day, gaming companies within the Sweden Game Arena community had the opportunity to meet gaming students from the University of Skövde and other universities to find new talent and skills for their companies by randomly meeting students for short introductory talks.

“Based on students’ interests and backgrounds, they were matched with relevant companies that students could meet. During the day, Sweden Game Arena also hosted a live stream with various panels linked to careers and recruitment. We want to move further and see what opportunities the digital environment offers”, says Tau Petersson, Community Overlord at Sweden Game Arena.