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Virtual Event Hosting – 4 ways on how to succeed as a virtual host


There is a big difference between seeing and talking to someone in real life and doing it online. There is a tendency to experience some shy- or awkwardness, because being online – on a camera, is something that you have to get used to. Especially if you are a host, people will be watching you. So how do you excel at virtual event hosting, as a host?

What would a good host do?

Everyone can become a great host. It just requires some tools and preparation. Any type of virtual event hosting can be difficult, especially if you have not tried it before. Since people are still adjusting to working, talking and learning online, it is important to be an understanding host. Remember that people are not necessarily too fond of online meetings just yet. An important part to remember, is the fact that you can never know exactly how the virtual show will unfold.

Since technology is a big part of it, there will be some uncertainties that you will have to work around. If you want to be a great host, then start by planning the show in advance. Some things may not go as planned. But at least you will have a schedule to stick to. You do need to find some balance, since people are going to stop listening, if you talk for an hour straight. Make the virtual show fun! Engage people in what you are doing. Even though they are not actually there, they will feel as a part of the show. That is crucial in virtual event hosting.

Visuals are helpful when explaining virtually

When we are not meeting someone in person, but over the phone or at a virtual show, some things might be a little trickier. Explaining and understanding certain subjects is not as easy, when you are not sitting next to the person explaining it to you. This is why you need to make sure that what you're explaining, is done in a simple, yet effective manner.

Since you are online, you might as well use it. That means that you can easily show videos or pictures, that will help you make your point. It will help people understand what you are saying, if you show them visuals or data that can back up your statement. A good host should be able to bring some knowledge to the table, but in a way that allows it to be interesting and entertaining. Of course, how the balance between interesting and entertaining is determined by what type of virtual show you are having.

Shift the center of attention

As a host of a virtual event or meeting, you are for the most part, the center of attention. There is no harm in shifting that attention onto someone else. By allowing people to participate, the show will feel more personal. This will help people find it more interesting. While you plan out the virtual show, you should take into consideration how you would want to involve the people watching.

A good host does not just pick one to speak in front of everyone, since that may make them uncomfortable. You ask some questions that are targeted the audience and then they choose if they want to be a part of it. People like to contribute to the conversation. By doing so, it will also assure them if they understood the subject correctly. Attention towards the audience is a smart thing to give. Just make sure that you give it in a way that people are comfortable with.

Stay focused on certain subjects

Technology can be a real pain in virtual event hosting, especially because it seems as if something always has to go wrong, when the timing is completely off. As a host, you always have to have a plan b, in the back of your mind. This means, that you will probably not be able to run through everything you prepared, but that is okay. It is actually often preferred, that hosts keep the subjects simple and short. If you explain and teach too many things all at once, you will lose people as you go. There is no harm in being prepared, but there is such a thing as overly prepared.

Make sure that you spend the right amount of time on each subject, instead of rushing through it, in order to get through more. As a host, it is your job to make whatever points you have clear, and you do not do that by racing through it all. Remember, the things you are saying are things that these people are not aware of yet. A host needs to prepare the material, but the audience are receiving this brand-new material that they do not know yet. They need time to comprehend it all.    

Be patient with your virtual event audience

Since you have prepared and studied the material you are planning on representing for your audience, you as a host, may be very excited. It is good to be energetic, but do not be baffled if other people are not at the same level as you. Understanding and learning something new can be difficult and frustrating, especially if the person learning it, has a hard time understanding it properly. Therefore, as a good host, it will be very well received, if you remember to give your audience a break. Sometimes they need to step away from their computer screen and perhaps go get a cup of coffee or a glass of water.

When learning something new, the easiest way of doing so, is to have a clear mind. A break can really do a lot, which is why a break once in a while is key to a good virtual meeting or show. Becoming the perfect host is something you learn over time, but when you are patient and understanding of the people you are talking to, that will surely help you get there faster.

If you are interested in knowing more about virtual events and hosting them, please contact us through the contact page and fill in the form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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