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Why online conferences have increased in popularity


We live in a technological world already as it is, but since Covid19, more and more people have been using the internet to maintain a somewhat normal life in the midst of the pandemic. To many people, using the internet has been quite rough. This is why you need to learn about the benefits of how things like conferences work online, since it can very well become a part of our lives from now on.

Get to know online conferences – they are here to stay

It is not easy going from tons of actual live meetings and gatherings, to suddenly having to do it all online. Some adjustments have to be made, but it does not have to be all that bad. It is understandable that not everyone has a deeper understanding of how the internet fully works, which at times, can make some programs difficult to learn. However, there are tools and programs out there, that are actually here to make your life a lot easier.

Since the pandemic became a part of a lot of peoples’ everyday lives, we have had to experience some serious changes. These changes are not just here for the time being, some of them are here to stay. We are going to use the internet a lot more, especially if we want to do conferences. Gathering a lot of people at the moment is certainly irresponsible, which is why many people focus more on online conferences. So, now is the time to learn about all the benefits of online conferences, since we might be using these a lot in the future.

All the benefits of an online conference

It may surprise you, but the popularity of online conferences has definitely increased a lot over the past year. People who do not normally use the internet for meetings may find it hard to believe, that these online conferences can actually be a huge benefit, instead of something that is difficult to understand, but it all depends on the product.

ifairs can offer you the perfect virtual event and conference platform. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan and host an entire conference meeting right from your own living room? Online conferences allow you to host meetings whenever and wherever. There is no longer a need to book a certain room ahead of time or taking into consideration what time you have to be at the office, in order to be on time. Everything is simply just working from home.

Efficiency has reached a new high

Online conferences are not only beneficial when it comes to time, travelling, flexibility and costs. They can also create efficiency. When attending an online conference, people tend to be more focused, since it is straight communication. It can quickly become a very effective way of gathering and providing information towards whomever is attending the conference. It is also an opportunity to become even more structured and making sure that everyone is on board with everything.

When it comes to “normal” live conferences, it can take weeks to schedule a time that suits everyone. With an online conference, most people are able to fit it into their calendar. It is all online, which means that it is available from wherever the person chooses to attend this conference. It is all about perspective. If we see all the effective benefits of online conferences, it isn’t that bad after all, right?

Ifairs could be the platform for you

There are plenty of platforms out there, that allows you to host an online conference meeting. However, not all options are that simple to use. Ifairs virtual event and conference platform is made to be as easy as possible. In many ways, the platform works exactly like your typical social media platforms, which means that most people will find it easy to learn. If you are not necessarily someone who spends a lot of time on social media, the platform will still be very manageable.

The platform is as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Most meetings are online at the moment. So it is more important than ever, that we can plan and manage our content in a productive way. When using ifairs, it is effortless to explore and create your individual touch. It has never been easier to plan and start your own conference, livestream or other gatherings.

Not everything is terrible online

Some online gatherings can be planned ahead of time, while others are a bit more spontaneous. If the gathering you are planning is not pinned on one specific person, but rather a certain type of group, you are able to use attention boosters. These boosters are a great way of engaging potential visitors and broadening your group of people. If you are planning something special and are aiming for a certain crowd, you are able to reach much further than you would think with a virtual or hybrid event.

Due to ifairs algorithm, it will match user preferences and come up with personal suggestions. At times is seems that we all forget just how far technology has come. Online conferences do not have to be troublesome or difficult to figure out. In today’s world they have actually become an extremely helpful tool, that helps us every day. The flexibility that it provides has helped people become better at structuring and scheduling their days. With everybody involved, it will be a big part of our future.

If you are feeling sick, it is still possible to attend the conference, from your own home. If you are running late, you are able to be a part of the meeting directly from your phone. Sure, it is difficult to go from experiencing everything live to suddenly doing everyone online. However, it is important to notice what parts of the online world are actually helpful to us in the future. These are the ones we need to continue using.    

If you are interested in knowing more about online conferences, please contact us through the contact page and fill in the form. We look forward to hearing from you.